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The Young Real Estate Professionals (YREP) is a networking organization for young professionals in the commercial real estate industry.

YREP holds informal speaker luncheons, charity fundraisers, and social networking functions.  There are 2,500 professionals in Chicago within the organization and it is the original YREP; which formed in 1999 with subsequent YREP sister organizations that formed in cities around the world.

The purpose of YREP is threefold:

  • (1)  to further the development of young professionals in all areas of commercial real estate
  • (2)  to promote avenues of communication among young professionals in the industry
  • (3)  to leverage the industry knowledge of prominent commercial real estate leaders


YREP had donated money to charities and local universities in an amount over $45,000 to date.

To learn more about us click "About Us" in the menu at the top of our website.



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